ADZ5001 Architectural Science – Writ 1 5000 words

Due Date: 17 May 2019

The Brief:

With the help of the application MindView I have developed a basic foundation and structure on which to build upon and develop the required technical report.

Below is only a draft but it is helpful to see it in this form as it gives cohesion. I will continue to use MindView as I gather the information needed to meet the brief.

Cardiff Bay Station Conversion

Introduction Approx 500 words. 3

Main Body Approx 3700 words. 3

Background. 3

History. 3

Existing Structure. 3

External Walls. 3

Roof. 3

Floors. 3

Proposed Conversion. 4

Thermal Insulation. 4

Windows. 4

Services. 4

Access. 4

LZC Technologies. 4

Listed Status. 5

Building Regulations. 5

Planning. 5

DEC. 5


Conclusion Approx. 800 words. 5

References  5

Appendicies  5

1          Introduction Approx 500 words

2          Main Body Approx 3700 words

2.1        Background

2.1.1      History

2.2        Existing Structure

(Cardiff Bay railway station in old Tiger Bay quietly rots away…, n.d.)

2.2.1      External Walls

External walls:

450mm solid brickwork, stucco exterior finish, plastered internally

2.2.2      Roof


softwood structure, Welsh slate covering

2.2.3      Floors


softwood timber joists, t and g hardwood floorboards, lath and plaster ceiling

2.3        Proposed Conversion

2.3.1      Thermal Insulation

Identify and discuss options for upgrading the thermal insulation of the existing envelope including the windows. You will need to take account of the listed status of the building.

2.3.2      Windows

2.3.3      Services      Heating      Ventilation

Identify and discuss options for heating and ventilating all parts of the building.      Sound Insulation

Provide details showing how the floor below the small dance studio will be provided with upgraded sound insulation.      Rainwater

Calculate rainwater runoff from the roof and size appropriate gutters and downpipes     Gutters & Downpipes

2.3.4      Access

2.3.5      LZC Technologies

Identify and discuss options for incorporating LZC technologies into the building.

2.4        Listed Status

2.4.1      Building Regulations

Explain in detail how the completed building will comply with the requirements of Part B of the Building Regulations 2010. (B1, 2 and 3 only).

2.4.2      Planning

2.5        DEC

Produce a provisional DEC for the completed building using iSBEM.

2.6        ISBEM

Produce a provisional DEC for the completed building using iSBEM.

3          Conclusion Approx. 800 words

4          References

5          Appendicies


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